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Full view shot of dining space


Frank & Larry’s Buckatabon Tavern and Supper Club is inspired by the multigenerational, family-run restaurants and bars in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. The experience at Buckatabon nods to the post-war heydays of Wisconsin’s Northwoods in the 40s-60s, and all of the nostalgia and fun that came with that era: Cabin and bar games. Lodge comfort and Supper Club sophistication. Every day is Fish Fry Day and Prime Rib is a menu mainstay. Our food menus feature modern twists on the regional flavors, dishes, and ingredients that make Wisconsin unique. Our cocktail list is as fresh as it is nostalgic. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or cheering on Wisconsin’s favorite sports teams, Frank & Larry’s Buckatabon Tavern & Supper Club is ready to be part of your traditions. 


Let’s start with the pronunciation: Buckatabon rhymes with Chuck a Robin. Now that we’ve established that, the name comes from a pair of lakes Northwest of Eagle River called Lower and Upper Buckatabon Lake, respectively. We’ve spent a bunch of time there, and consider it such a special place, well, we named something after it.

Surrounding the Buckatabon lakes are the taverns, lodges, supper clubs, and businesses that make Wisconsin unique. We visited the places near and dear to our hearts and pulled inspiration from their novel—and sometimes quirky—decor, traditions, and offerings. These off-the-beaten-path sweet spots are the cornerstone of our inspiration.

and LARRY?

Frank and Larry were both fathers, grandfathers, idols, and most importantly, legends—each in their own way.

Larry was a WWII and Korean war vet, bronze star recipient, expert marksman, police officer, master locksmith, woodworker, and fisherman.

Frank was an adhesive salesman, Dewar’s connoisseur, bloody mary aficionado, grill master, and some go as far to say he was, “the most interesting man in the world.”

Always the men behind the grill, Frank and Larry never owned a restaurant, but if they did, we think it would feel like this. We’ve created Buckatabon as an homage to both of them, and their love for getting family and friends together for cocktails, fine food, laughter, and shared memories.

Buckatabon Fun Facts

Old-timers say the word Buckatabon hails from the Ojibwe word for “hunger,” bakade. If true…welp—the name fits us perfectly!

Our highly-coveted, small-batch, melt-your-nostrils horseradish comes from Smuggler’s in Eagle River, hence our “Smug Clam” Bloody.

The dollar-on-the-ceiling tradition comes from our friends at Burnt Bridge Tavern in Conover. Ask the bartender to get yours up there.

The map above our bar is inspired by the good folks at Sayner Pub. If you look closely, you’ll see a ribbon for all of our friends and partners up north.

The bear’s name is Booyah. And Booyah loves to take selfies. Tag us in yours on Instagram.

Ken Schels of KMS Limited is the master craftsman behind our Northwood’s Shanties. We saw Ken’s work on the side of the road while driving in Eagle River, immediately skirted off the road to pay him a visit, and, well, the rest is history.