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If you have a general question or need to contact us, please view our FAQs and/or complete the form below. Please note, all requests for donations must be submitted through the form at lowlandsgroup.com/contact.


Mon-Thu: Lunch 11am-4pm
Dinner 4pm-10pm
Friday: Lunch 11am-4pm
Dinner 4pm-11pm
Saturday: Brunch 9am-3pm
Dinner 3pm-11pm
Sunday: Brunch 9am-3pm
Dinner 3pm-10pm


Can I make a reservation?

You sure can! Make a reservation online via Yelp or give us a ring at (414) 271-7700.
Note: Reservations are not accepted on Friday or Saturday evenings.

Does Buckatabon do private events and catering?

Why yes we do! Fill out a form here and the Lowlands Grand events team will be in touch shortly.

Do you sell gift cards and apparel?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards and apparel in the online shop or in-store.
Note: only select apparel is sold in-store.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for new members of the Lowlands family. See job listings and apply online today.

Do you give charitable donations?

Donations and charitable giving requests must be made through this online form. Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive, we are unable to accept every request submitted.

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